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Noweta Gardens was started by Carl Fischer, who originated the company in 1945 in St. Charles, MN.  He was known as the world’s leading hybridizer and up until his death in 2005, hybridized over 600 known varieties, including more than 100 All-America Award Winners.

The Nagel family had been working with Mr. Fischer, growing and propagating his varieties since 1965 at their Gladiolus farm located in Three Rivers, MI.  After Mr. Fischer’s death, it became apparent that many people missed being able to buy excellent varieties in smaller quantities, so Fred W. Nagel & Sons decided to continue on with Noweta Gardens and started selling to retail and home customers in 1999.


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Our Bulbs are Grown in the USA!
The bulbs you buy and receive will be top quality No. 1 (12/14 cm) size and are grown in Southwest Michigan, USA.
18389 Michigan Ave,Three Rivers, MI 49093 Questions?: Fax: (269) 279-6207